Imam Mujahid Abdul Karim founded Masjid Al-Rasul, in 1980, over 30 years ago, in the Watts community of Los Angeles, California, which is currently the only Shia Masjid in the United States that is strategically located in an historical indigenous Community. In addition Masjid Al Rasul of Watts, Los Angeles, is also the first Masjid to be established in the United States, based on the Ja’fari school of thought, which is exclusively owned and operated by Indigenous American Shias.

Masjid Al-Rasul of Watts, Los Angeles is organized under the auspices of the national organization, Sacred House of Al-Islam, Inc., (d/b/a Masjid Al-Rasul Foundation), a 501c(3) federal tax exempt Religious organization (Federal Tax Exempt ID No. 95-4077093).

Masjid Al-Rasul’s vision is to build Masjids and Islamic Communities in the poorest neighborhoods in the U.S., in order to help improve the lives of people that are the most impoverished, oppressed and forgotten people of America.

In 1992, Masjid Al-Rasul of Watts, Los Angelesbecame the site of the first-ever “ceasefire” truce between the two largest national rival gangs “Crips” & “Bloods.” A treaty was signed at Masjid Al-Rasul by dozens of high ranking gang members from across the Los Angeles, California area. This historical truce not only successfully reduced the murder rate in Los Angeles, California, but it was also the catalyst to similar “ceasefire” truces with other gangs across America, thereby significantly reducing violence throughout the United States. Sheikh Mujahid makes an historical analogy of this truce with that of the truce between the two major warring tribes, ‘Aws’ and ‘Khazraj’ during the time of Prophet Muhammad (SAWA).

Consequently, during a violent period in American history — a time when riots ran rampant across America, due to the aftermath of the “Rodney King Incident,” Masjid Al-Rasul was instrumental in helping to reduce violence and bring peace to America by pioneering the Peace Initiative between gangs throughout the US.

Furthermore, prior to the above-mentioned peace treaty, the community of Watts, Los Angeles was far too dangerous for any significant community development, due to gang violence (i.e., drive-by shootings and armed robberies). As a direct result of Masjid Al-Rasul’simpact on the Watts community, its members can now feel safe to benefit from community improvement projects.

History shall record this social contribution by Masjid Al-Rasulas a vital, influential, and effective application of Islam and Islamic peace that has made a significant impact on the history of urban America.

Therefore, we call upon all Muslims and non-Muslims to generously support our efforts to propagate the true message of Peace among the forgotten, impoverished and oppressed people of America.